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Where Can I Buy Aircon Remote Controls in Singapore?

Posted by Thaddeus Kan on

Faulty aircon remote control? Lost your remote?

In our line of work, we frequently come across customers with the need to replace their remote controls. However, it can be troublesome for customers to find a suitable and compatible air-conditioning remote control, with many universal controllers in the market being either non-compatible or frustrating to program.

While a universal controller remains the most economical option, the operating instructions might be a little troublesome. Vision Air is pleased to assist our customers in this aspect, just click here to drop us a friendly message!


For customers who might want to purchase the original remotes, they can always check with the various distributors for stock but these models tend to be a little pricey.

Alternatively, there is a great remote-control shop in the West that has a huge array of various remotes - both original and universal controllers. The sales staff at the 'Remote Control House' are knowledgeable and friendly & their prices are reasonable.

Remote Control Shop Vision Air

Just look at the number and type of remotes that they have! Amazing!

I've attached the namecard of the shop below so that customers can contact the shop directly!

The Remote Control House - Jurong West

They have all sorts of remotes, not just for air-conditioners, and it is highly likely that you will be able to find a remote that is suitable for your needs!


*Vision Air has no affiliation with The Remote Control House. We have purchased remotes from them before and are impressed with their service, price and products. We just believe in empowering our customers with knowledge & choices so that they will be able to make savvy decisions. 

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