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What Does It Mean: Daikin Blinking Lights?

Posted by Thaddeus Kan on

What should you do if your Daikin air-conditioner unit starts to blink shortly after turning it on? Also, what should you do if your unit is unresponsive?

As it turns out, Daikin units are highly intelligent and come with a self-diagnostic function that allows the user to understand the cause of the issue. While this may not be accurate 100% of the time, it does give an indication of the problem that is affecting the unit.

Here are a few steps that will allow you to determine the error code of your malfunctioning Daikin unit:

1. You will need to have the original Daikin remote controller. On the remote, you will see a 'Cancel' button.

Daikin Remote Controller

2. Hold down this 'Cancel' button for about 5 seconds until you hear a beep and the screen shows '00'.

3. Press 'Cancel' again - the display on the screen should change to a number (e.g. 'E5') and you will hear a short beep.

4. Keep pressing the 'Cancel' button until you hear a long 'beep' (BEEEEEEEEP) and note down the reading on the display. 
*You may hear 2 beeps which indicates that you have the correct letter of the alphabet for the error code that is affecting you. i.e. 2 beeps on 'U2' doesn't mean that 'U2' is the error code, it means that the actual error code will begin with the letter 'U'.

5. The code that corresponds to the long beep will be the error code that will give you an indication of what is affecting your unit. You may wish to inform your technician about the error code so as to enable him to better understand the situation.

6. To help you guys out, I've posted a video below for your reference:

I have posted a list of common error codes for Daikin units below:

Daikin Error Codes

 Alternatively, you may wish to download the PDF file for a clearer understanding:
Download Daikin Error Codes


6. Your next step would be to contact a trained air-conditioning technician to come down to confirm & rectify the issue for you. DO NOT attempt the fix yourself as you might run the risk of damaging other components in the system. 

If you are still unable to identify the issue, please contact a qualified technician to do the troubleshooting for you.



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