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Installation Materials

Our Installation Materials

In order to provide customers with a high quality of satisfaction, Vision Air only uses the best materials available.

i. Copper Pipes

The thickness of copper used affects the ability of the pipes to withstand refrigerant pressure. A smaller number denotes a thicker copper pipe.

While the minimum standard is 24 SWG with many other installers using 23 SWG copper pipes as the industry standard, Vision Air ensures that only 22 SWG copper pipes are used for our installations. This means that you get only the thickest copper pipes for our installations!

ii. Thermal Insulation

1/2" vs 3/8" Aircon Insulation Thickness Comparison

Thermal insulation is used around the copper pipes to prevent condensation issues from occurring. It is important to note that there are many different kinds of insulation - each unique for various purposes.

The aspect of insulators that is usually compared is the thickness of the insulation, which provides a temperature gradient from the copper pipes to the surrounding air such that condensation is prevented. These insulators prevent heat loss via the process of conduction.

Insulation are divided into two main classes: Class 1 and Class 0 with different fire-rated properties. Class 1 refers to the insulation having fire-resistant properties while Class 0 refers to insulation being very fire-retardant. For regular installations, Class 1 suffices - Vision Air does not advocate our valued customers paying more for something that they do not actually need.

While 3/8" thickness remains the industry standard, Vision Air strives to provide all our standard installations with thermal insulation of 1/2" thickness. This service is presently done free-of-charge as we strive to give all our customers a peace of mind. As seen from the picture above using a common 1/4" copper pipe as a control, the difference between the two insulation sizes is actually quite substantial.

Armaflex, K-flex are the brands of insulation we currently carry with each having specific qualities. We always evaluate and ensure that the most suitable insulation is used for each installation. However, customers are free to specify their requirements and this will be fulfilled at no extra charge!

iii. PVC Drainage Pipes

16mm PVC Drainage Pipe

Most homes with old systems have 13mm PVC drainage pipes installed - which was the industry standard in the past.

Vision Air only uses 16mm PVC drainage pipes to ensure a smoother flow of water with reduced risk of blockages. In addition, our installation includes a 1/4" thermal insulator around the pipes to prevent further condensation from forming - giving you an increased sense of security!

 iv. Electrical Wires

Aircon Electrical Wires

Electrical wires are an important component of your air-conditioning system. Vision Air uses only Singapore-made wires from reputable brands (e.g. Keystone, Sigma, DNE, etc.) With each various brand having specific qualities, we ensure that the most suitable wire is used for the job.

We only use 3C40 or 3C70 wires to ensure that quality and safety are not compromised.