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What Does It Mean: Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Blinking Lights?

Posted by Thaddeus Kan on

There are times when the lights at the bottom right of your Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Air-Conditioner start to blink following an operational fault.

The animated GIF below shows an example of this:

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Blinking Lights

Now, when this happens, do not fret. There are a few simple steps that you can do that will help you identify the issue. This blinking light is actually a self-diagnosis mechanism that Mitsubishi Electric had designed that enables consumers & contractors to quickly identify a fault with its system. Knowing how to effectively troubleshoot it will save you both time & money.


From experience, the 1st thing that you should check is to check if the bottom louver's clasp is firmly shut - this is a safety feature that Mitsubishi Electric has featured in their Starmex system. An indication of this would be two continuous blinking lights on the bottom right.

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Fan Coil Unit Continuous Blinking Light

If they are found to be out of place, clasp them firmly back into place and the system should start working normally again. This is the most common issue that consumers face and might occur after a wall unit is cleaned.


However, there are other more complicated blinking light issues out there so let's take a quick look at what you should (or shouldn't) do...

1) Take note of which LED light is blinking - the top or the bottom one or both.

2) You should count the number of blinks that occur in 1 'set'. The blinking cycle will repeat itself. For example, the bottom LED light might blink for 3 times before pausing for a split second and resuming the next 3 blinks. The 3 blinks is then constituted as a 'set'.

3) Once you have noted down the number of blinks per set, refer to the error code list provided by Mitsubishi Electric. If your model (check the side/bottom of your wall unit for the model number) belongs to one of the newer Starmex series i.e. MSY-GE10/13/18/24VA or MSXY-FJ10/13/18VE, you'll be able to check the error code list on the inside cover * of the wall unit. 

The codes are found inside the wall unit's cover:

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Error Code List

The error codes are found on the right hand side:

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex Error Code List 2

As you can see, 3 blinks would correspond to an Indoor Fan Motor issue.

Your next step would be to contact a trained air-conditioning technician to come down to confirm & rectify the issue for you. DO NOT attempt the fix yourself as you might run the risk of damaging other components in the system. 

If you are still unable to identify the issue, please contact a qualified technician to do the troubleshooting for you.

*The aircon covers for the 2-Ticks Singapore variant of the Mitsubishi Electric Starmex wall units are notoriously difficult to remove if you do not know the proper technique. In that case, please refer to the picture that Vision Air has posted above and refrain from forcing the cover open.


For qualified & professional service, do not hesitate to contact us at Vision Air @ 6612 5112 or drop us a contact form via our Contact Us page.

Vision Air offers diagnostic, troubleshooting and repairs at great rates and good service! 

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  • Thanks for error blink lists;because my
    problam was solve ok.

    W8n ko on
  • thenx sir full help

    sakib on
  • Thank you, although my lights are side by side and the left light was blinking, you alerted me to “something wrong” on looking if fan blade was loose, I noticed a bit of self adhesive sealer had come loose and was stopping the fan blade, I moved it out the way and all it working Thank you :)

    Sally on
  • Thank you for your help. It surely help me sort out this problem.

    Quinton McGuinness on
  • Thank you so much for this useful post. This was very useful

    Ajay Kumar on

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