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How Often Should I Service My Aircon?

Posted by Thaddeus Kan on

How often should YOU be servicing your aircon unit?


We have been to homes and offices for servicing where the filters are caked in a layer of dust and the coils are clogged with grime. If the situation is too severe, customers end up paying much more to have their units overhauled (chemical washed)!

Aircon Unit Coils Covered With Algae & Dirt

Aircon Unit Coils Choked with Dirt, Algae & Grime

As the old adage goes "A stitch in time saves nine".

Servicing your air-conditioning unit is integral to its functionality & effectiveness. While there are no hard and fast rules to when it should be done, here are some general guidelines that we think will help you make an informed decision and we have broken it down to a few scenarios:

1. You hardly every use your aircon, maybe once in a blue moon

The minimum frequency an air-conditioner should be serviced is once every 6 months, regardless of usage. This is so that the technician can ensure that the aircon is still in working order. You would not want the aircon to break down when you need it most; like in the event of parties or functions, or when the weather is especially hot.

We have also seen cases of unwanted pests (worms, cockroaches, ants) making their homes in unused aircon units. Do not let this happen to you!

If you are still unsure, at least take up an ad hoc, one-off servicing once a year to have a technician check out your aircon unit.


2. You turn on the aircon only when it is especially hot

A large percentage of our customers fall under this category, and surprisingly, we've noticed they tend to be in their 40s or older. Perhaps they stem from the era where air-conditioner in homes were not the norm?

Regardless, if you fall in this category, the advice above still applies: You should service your air-conditioner at least every half-yearly.

Even if you feel that this is not necessary, to ensure that the unit lasts longer, you should at least take out the filter and wash it. This can easily be done by lifting up the aircon flap and taking out the filters.

Otherwise, pick up a half-yearly contract with an air-conditioning company you trust. In that case, it is normally at a better rate than an ad hoc service and you'll be able to give yourself a peace of mind.


3. You are a regular user of aircon and you use it almost daily

If you can't live without your aircon and you need to use it daily, it is HIGHLY recommended that you take up a quarterly servicing contract which ensures that your aircon is serviced every 3 months. This will keep it at an optimal running condition which bodes well for you, especially since it is so integral to your daily life!

Most air-conditioning companies offer a quarterly contract which is usually at a cheaper rate than an ad hoc service. 


4. Special Conditions

Under special conditions such as having a person who is very sensitive to temperature or dust, it is advisable to service the unit quarterly to ensure that the filters and blower are not trapping and subsequently releasing any unwanted dust or fungi into the environment.



If you need advice, do feel free to contact us @ 6612 5112 or via our Contact Us page.

Vision Air offers the above services & contracts at great rates and good service! Check out our Servicing Page for more information.

We do customised contracts as well for those with special requests!


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