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Re: Customer Feedback on Facebook Review (28/9/22)


1) Scope of works were laid out in the quotation and were agreed upon and signed by the customer. The payment terms and project cost were stated clearly in the signed quotation.

2) The works were completed as per the signed quotation. However, the payment deadline and terms were not fulfilled by the customer, who made payments based on his whim. Vision Air had to go through a drawn-out negotiation process for a lower than agreed-upon amount. These happened after the works were completed.

3) Vision Air then had to chase the customer for subsequent scheduling of further works that were requested. This scheduling remained inconclusive and were further delayed beyond the agreed-upon timeline.

4) As it was dragged on for many months with no definite timeline in sight, Vision Air proceeded to request for a reasonable payment (not the full sum), with the balance being paid only after the final works were done (as is fair to the customer).

5) Schedule was finally fixed but was cancelled about 5 days before the fixed slot by the client with no definite timeline again.

6) Client finally requested for a specific window but due to our current packed schedule, we were unable to accede to that request. We apologized for the unavailability but were retorted rudely with "no, you are not sorry" by the client. It was at this juncture that we felt that we should not have to tolerate any other form of abuse from the customer.

7) Customer messaged again down the road telling us that he had already engaged someone else to do a part of the works - which would directly affect the works that we had done prior. As such, our scope and warranties for the operation of the AC units had to be altered.

8) Vision Air had done our best to accommodate the clients even though they had changed the payment terms without consultation with us - in what is a flagrant violation of the signed quotation. Also, we tried to compromise on a seemingly endless timeline to which there was no definite schedule.

As a 3rd party contractor was engaged to participate in our works, Vision Air decided that it would be best not to continue the project lest there be conflicts of interests among the different parties involved. In fairness, we also did not request for any additional payments for works that had been done and/or were scheduled to be done - with the balance payment equivalent to the remaining scope of works.