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Servicing & Repair

Regular servicing allows your air-conditioning system to last longer & provides a peace of mind for you and your family. Experts recommend that your air-conditioner should be serviced at least once every 6 months, regardless of use, to keep it in a working condition.

We have a variety of servicing options which are designed to cater to your needs. Our technicians are experienced and meticulous; and they strive to provide the best in service & maintenance.

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Ad Hoc Servicing

Ad hoc servicing is a one-off maintenance that is suitable for those who rarely, if ever, use their aircon units. Perfect for ensuring that your home is comfortable in the event of upcoming occasions or parties!

1 Unit @ $50 Nett
2 Units @ $45/Unit Nett
3 Units and Above @ $40/Unit Nett


Half-Yearly Contract Servicing

The Half-Yearly contract servicing is a twice-a-year maintenance plan that is suitable for non-daily users who still would like to enjoy the cool chill of an aircon on a particularly hot day. It is also the minimum regularity that aircon experts recommend that your aircon be serviced.

1 Unit @ $45 Nett
2 Units @ $40/Unit Nett
3 Units and Above @ only $35/Unit Nett!

* Full payment should be made upon acceptance of the contract.


Quarterly Contract Servicing

The Quarterly contract servicing is a four-times-a-year maintenance plan that is recommended for daily/regular users. This ensures that your aircon system is kept free from algae or dust that might compromise its functionality, giving you the rest and comfort that you deserve.

1 Unit @ $40 Nett
2 Units @ $35/Unit Nett
3 Units and Above @ only $30/Unit Nett!

* Full payment should be made upon acceptance of the contract.


Chemical Cleaning (Overhaul)

Aircon not as cool as it used to be? Perhaps your evaporator coils have been clogged by algae and dust that cannot be effectively removed by general servicing. This affects the efficiency of the heat exchange process in your A/C unit.

In that case, it is time for a chemical overhaul - a process where your A/C unit is brought down and washed with alkaline cleaners. This ensures that your coils are thoroughly cleaned and ready to provide you with the coolness you desire!

Non-Contract Customers @ $180/Unit Nett.

Contract Customers @ ONLY $150/Unit Nett!


Diagnostic & Repair

Frustrated by aircon issues (A/C not cold, loud noise, water leakages, etc)? Vision Air offers diagnostic and repair services!

Let us know of the issue beforehand and we will send a relevant technician to check up on the problem. A diagnostic will be carried out for a small troubleshooting fee of $50 nett - the cause of the issue will then be relayed to the consumer, together with the cost of the subsequent repair.

If engaged to carry out the repair, Vision Air will waive the troubleshooting fee for you, no questions asked!

Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Charge @ $50/System.
Repair Costs Vary According to the Services Required.